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"One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Opinion / Of Freaks and Monsters

The Neil Gaiman book signing was a very interesting experience.

We (Mr. Tan too) were in the queue at Borders for 4 hours. Which meant we were at the front of the queue - an extraordinary feeling, I might add. Especially if you considered that the queue ended at the traffic light opposite Paterson Road.

The wait didn't feel like 4 hours. Probably because we made friends easily. It's been sometime since I talked so easily with strangers or rather, strange Singaporeans.

You must know that all Neil Gaiman fans are kind of warped.

Girl with tie - freelance illustrator. Kept mentioning her fiance in the US. Said she was a misfit in school. Introduced Neil Gaiman to her mom (how cool is that?). Told me she suffers from chronic fatigue. Mr. Tan said she suffers from depression. Tie looked kind of strange on her. Mentioned her real self and her online self (first time I heard someone used these terms on themselves, nice for it to jump out of the textbooks). Told us her fundamentalist principal in school banned all references of Hawkings and evolution from class. Plays World of Warcraft, likes manga and has C S Lewis as her favourite philosopher. Generally nice.

Millionaire Playboy - self proclaimed. But confessed later his dad is the real millionaire playboy. Didn't dare to ask him about his mother. Plays World of Warcraft, collects Marvel comics. Has a $26,000 G5 at home for him to play computer games and surf internet. Kicked out of La-Salle since he missed a lot of classes. Waiting for NS. Generally easy-going.

NS Kengster - in National Service but has long hair. Long term MC, some problem with leg. Conned his friends to come the day before with him so he got 12 books signed instead of 3. Today, he's here again. Collected comics too. Like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

Apple Users - one male, one female. Male has Powerbook because he wants all his options covered. Mass comm student in Tampines Poly. Didn't know they had one. Female is quiet but is part of the.....

Knows everyone in ORCHARD ROAD duo - 2 females, they know all the passer-bys. I asked them how. They said nothing to do so all their friends shop. Talking about their generation.

Mechanical Engineer - met him the day before. Prefers Alan Moore to NG. Arkham Asylum, the comic not that he should go to a madhouse. Studying in NUS, Mechanical Engineering, asked us sacarstically how many engineers read literature. Wore like 500 crosses around his neck - Mel Gibson fan maybe or Jesus Freak. Has also some funky rings, badges on his bag and accessories. Like me, likes to borrow comics from library and not buy.

Lit Student - a member of the sock box club - they gave a box of socks to NG. From Chinese High, said I looked familiar. Told him about Murakami, hope that will screwed up his life. Said his teacher told him about NG.

Was invigorating talking to them. Makes me feel young again. Beats talking to adults. Really.

Book was signed. Thanked Neil for his blog and his constant writing. Neil was the most normal man I met that day. Polite, said thank you many times. Autographed and wrote in Mirromask - Never Stop Dreaming.

I won't.


At 7/11/2005 12:41:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup. Great write-up on the weirdos. I'm glad I deleted my write-up on them cos' they just didn't sound weird enough. You're absolutely right... it didn't feel like 4 hours at all with those weirdos.

You also forget than other than Neil Gaiman, I am the other normal person. I thought I was bad till I saw them. I was actually relieved... I felt good. Hee hee

Mr S Tan


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