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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Japan: Toilets

I love Japan.

I mean any country where I don't have to wash my own ass is simply worthy of my adoration.

For the clueless, I'm talking about the onsuisenjoubenza.

Or in my own words, purifying ass- washer.

My first introduction to the device was the one in my hotel room. It's got a nice seat warmer, which is defintely helpful in this cold weather. In fact, it's so cozy and warm that I spent a longer time on it than usual. By the time you're done with your business and it's time for wash-up, you have 3 settings to choose from: wash, mild spray and bidet. And for each of this setting, you can choose to adjust the intensity of its operation.

I took a rather systematic approach to my ass-washing. As I would in most of my experiments involving body parts. I started with a gentle wash, and very slowly increase the intensity. Then I gradually moved on to the mild spray and finally to the bidet. I found this way of easing my ass in most comfortable and even enjoyable.

But to each his own ass.

I also found out, the hard way, that this fully-automated process may not be as clean as good old manual washing. So don't throw that toilet paper away. Also, if you slowly rock your ass backwards and forwards, that might help with the washing, among other things.

Another interesting thing I found out about the toilets here is the use of the Sound Princess. This is a device that mimics the sound of toilet flushing. It's popular in female toilets as many Japanese women are embarrassed at the thought that someone else can hear them while they are doing their business on the toilet." Before this device was invented, Japanes women would continuously flush the toilets to drown out any embarrassing sounds, hence wasting a great deal of water. With the Sound Princess, Japanese women can activate the device and do their business in peace.

Although definitely not quiet.

By the way, this cultural curiousity was relayed to me by my female colleague and not an accidental straying into unwelcome territory.

That would have been nice too.

(Pls check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_toilets for more fascinating facts about Japanese toilets)


At 12/29/2004 07:26:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

u Know the Sound princess thing... i totally dun get that. I mean you are in a toilet, sounds of bodily fluid is natural and expected. But then everyone was using them in my office toilets and it got embarrassing for me not to use it, not that ppl would know it is me...but then..I finally understood how japan got everyone doing the same thing Humilation and embarrssement


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