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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Standing Docs

I just saw something that I don't usually see.

It was on a program on women's cancer on Channel News Asia.

A doctor in a government hospital clinic standing up to greet a patient.


I have my fair share of experiences visiting public clinics, having to bring my dad as well as my friend's mother and grandma. Let me tell you, a doctor standing up to greet a patient, it never happens.

Except once, when I met a doctor at the SGH's Ear, Throat and Nose Clinic. He was great and very courteous to my dad. He greeted my dad warmly, made him feel comfortable and even made sure that charges was minimal as he knew my dad had cancer.

Even for the private clinics, they don't stand up to greet you. And they seem to be scribbling and writing all the time.

Anyhow, I think the women in the program deserve a standing ovation. Thanks for sharing with us your experiences and lessons. It takes a lot of courage to expose yourselves like this in a country so small.


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