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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Malaysia Top Prostitute Location

Somebody asked me the other day why I don't blog about my work.

Well, all I want to say about work is that I work in the marketing department in a MNC. Here, in marketing, we take tracking very seriously.

We measure our results so that we can spend our marketing dollars more wisely.

It might have some influence over my blog in the sense that I use BlogPatrol to know whether people are coming to it or not.

One of the stats they make available is what are the search terms people use in Google or Yahoo to access my blog.

It's quite funny.

These are my last 10 search items:

1) malaysia%27s top prostitute location (Yahoo)
2) automated toilets in disneyland (Yahoo)
3) %22judith huang%22 (Yahoo)
4) Roy Varghese %2B %22The Wonderful World%22 (Google)
5) asia%20killerwaves (MSN)
6) Stephen Chow speaks English (Yahoo)

Don't ask me how they got here by searching "malaysia top prostitute location".

They will tell you that tracking may not always be useful.

But don't quote me.


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