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Friday, April 01, 2005

The Eloquent Roy Keane

Here's an entertaining article on player/manager exchanges in football. An excerpt:

Roy Keane's appraisal of Mick McCarthy

When the Republic of Ireland's captain clashed with their manager in front of the whole squad during a pre-2002 World Cup training camp on the South Pacific island of Saipan, Keane delivered an appraisal of McCarthy that striker Niall Quinn described as "one of the defining moments in Irish history."

"People talk about Irish patriot Robert Emmet's speech from the dock," explained the gangly striker, "They talk about the oratory of Brendan Behan, Eamon de Valera, Michael Collins. But Roy Keane's 10-minute oration can be mentioned in the same breath. It was clinical, fierce, earth-shattering to the person on the end of it and it ultimately caused a huge controversy in Irish society"

We are happy to present a full transcript here in all its glory.

"You can stick the World Cup up your b*******, you *****. ****** ** * *** ** ****** **** ** f**** * ** c***** ****. *** you, ****** ***** ***** **** *** f*****, *****, e*****, d*****. **** ***. ***** *****, erroneous, x****, ****, v****. F*** y**. *******. *****. ********. What's more, you ******* ** ******* ***er."

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