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Monday, October 17, 2005

Television is so yesterday

Television is so yesterday.

Last week was the release of the video iPod.

Nothing new except the deal to make available episodes of Desperate Housewives and Lost the next day after broadcast.

Creative has been able to play video on their portable devices. Problem was the content wasn't too attractive. And as they say, content is king.

With BitTorrent, many of us have been watching current episodes of US television instead of waiting like 6 months later or never for them to hit the local airwaves.

This is kind of bad as well as it means I'm watching more television than I should.

As I blog, the television is tuned to a special recap episode of America's Top Model. Other programmes like Lost and Desperate Housewives also have something like that before their season finale. So you can watch the recap and the finale and won't miss much.

Plus you can always read Television Without Pity's detailed recaps of each of the episode.

Advertising on television is in danger, which explains why product placement is plain crazy nowadays.


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